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Quality electronic design services can be difficult to find. The scarcity of high-level design and verification resources affects the development of many electronic designs.

Yellowstone serves as a natural extension of your engineering team to achieve faster time-to-market and high electronic innovation.

In fast-paced industries, time-to-market is crucial; We takes on mandates in electronic product development and brings the skills and specializations to send quality items to market quickly and efficiently. 

Offering Time-to Market Electronic Design services.

Our engineering staff works with you, from concept through product delivery, to provide you with the best product that fits your requirements. We use our vast experience in electronics and controls; we marry the latest technology with the tried-and-proven to mold a custom product for today’s challenges while protecting your investment for the evolving future.


Our services include a formal new product introduction (NPI) process, which includes development methodologies: FMEA and DOE, Design for Margin/Test to Failure, and Management Checkpoint Reviews.

How We Work

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