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How We Can Help

The journey of an idea from concept to market is uneven and indirect. In YST, we work with business and others to build understanding of this journey and accelerate it, providing joined-up support which links with other help available for innovative businesses. We offers a range of ways for business to accelerate innovation in the space between concept and going to market, with different strengths and applications.


We develop samples according to our customers’ requirements, oversee the placement and production of orders, carry out quality control checks at different stages of production, consolidate and package the goods for shipment prior to pick up by the freight forwarder as well as prepare all of the necessary documents required for export.




As Quality is one of the major concerns in production, we apply a strict quality control on all our products. If products have to undergo several treatments by different companies, in every step of the production process, some samples are tested for IQC (internal quality control) to avoid that an unacceptable tolerance or assembly happened. The final assembly will have to undergo a separate QC as well to guaranty that the finished product is conform customer’s requirement.


This allows us to filter out nearly 95% of production mistakes. For our customer’s reference we used to supply a QC test sheet with every shipment. This part is manufactured by CNC and has been delivered to our offices for Internal Quality Control. If this batch is approved for QC, it will be sent for final assembly.

From Concept to Commercialization

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