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Ensuring the highest production standards

YST's quality control procedures include the regulation of the quality of raw materials, assembly procedures, testing procedures, production management and inspection processes. We are well-versed in the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach to quality and we have extensive experience and a proven track record of customer and independent audits. Our quality systems are organized into several subcategories that correspond to relevant R&D, manufacturing and customer service-related departments, so that quality issues are addressed in the shortest time possible, and that quality and consistency are incorporated into every step of the design and manufacturing process.


We maintains numerous quality certificates demonstrating our commitment to design and manufacturing quality, continuous improvement and environmentally friendly production processes.


  • Incoming Inspection

  • In-process Verifiction

  • Functional Verification

  • High-Pot Testing

  • Sampling OQA

  • 100 % FQC

  • Injection Mold Qulification

  • CE / UL / TUV Certified

  • Rigid Compliance to Documentation

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