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Founded in 1999, Yellowstone Stone Technology Ltd (YST) is an innovative, technology-driven company with its roots from Belgium and R&D center in Taiwan,  with a profound experience in collaborating with global clients including: United States, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Netherlands and Italy. 

Complete Customization Services


We provides custom design and manufacturing services along with hardware and software integration to deliver complete systems ready for your end user. 

About The Company

Specialized in Medical and Industrial Product Design


YST’s many years of experience in medical and industrial field is trustworthy for our client's needs. We combine excellence in design, electronics and manfacturing services enable us to provide the most effective solutions in meeting our customer’s needs. 

We have designed and engineered substantial amount of products ranging from advanced cosmetic instruments, medical bed controller to complex ultrasonic cleaners.

Our experience and knowledge of this sector also helps our global clients to meet the regulatory standards, including CE, TUV and UL certifications. 

Our Mission


It is our goal offering to our customers high quality products for a reasonable price."Innovative Quality Solutions" has been our motto in striving towards the best for our clients. We are dedicated to creating medical and consumer grade products that are meaningful and helps making your life more enjoyable.

Meeting Global Standards


With R&D center in Taiwan,  YST delivers cost-effective design, manufacturing, and customization services for customers around the globe, leveraging worldwide resources to keep costs low. We place particular importance on the quality of delivered products and services. We ensure customer satisfaction with both the price/performance and the level of quality and reliability our products deliver. Strict quality control mechanisms and in-house production facilities ensure that all quality goals are met, and that quality improvements are continually fed back into every manufacturing process.


We make substantial investments to "westernize" our supplier’s quality systems, equipment and management style, in order to reduce the cultural gap between our European customers and our global suppliers. Consequently, we are a competitive supplier, which can meet and exceed the stringent quality standards of the European industry.


Product concept & 3D design, FEA Simulation and prototyping, precision engineering, Design and development of hygienic automation solutions


iOS / Android Ux design & product integration, Window Application Development C#/C++ with .NET, Processor selection, Electronic hardware control, C/C++ for general use, Communications protocols

Embedded systems Hard & Firmware design, Feasibility studies, Analogue, digital and mixed signal circuit design, Prototype build, PCB Layout, DFx (Design for manufacture, test, EMC, assembly)


Custom Services
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