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Our Software Engineering practice focuses on the development and maintenance of customized software, which is software tailored to the specific needs of our clients and/or projects. Because not all software packages available in the market satisfy the specific needs of our clients, it is sometimes necessary to design and develop software that let our client operate in a more efficient way.


Our practice offers software development, consulting, training and technical support services. With the support of our Software Factories, our services also including the following:

Tailored to your specific needs

Software Design is concerned with concepts, processes and tools that support the timely and cost effective development of quality software.The single greatest driving force in software designing (and indeed almost every branch of industry today) is cost-reduction. Time to market and development cost are two critical factors in deciding a product's fate.

Our Software team understands that outsourcing companies should act flexibly because outsourcing projects usually have very tight deadlines. However, Software Engineering doesn’t only mean coding, it also involves many other important project life-cycles.Our work processes are composed of many activities, notably through the steps of Pre-Development, Developlement, Post-Development.


We have very effective processes inherited from past successful cases that contain all necessary phases for a software projects; from requirements collection to deployment. 


How We Work

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