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  • A degree in Electronics or electrical engineering or Masters degree in related discipline of software/firmware development with emphasis on embedded system and medical devices.

  • 3 to 5 years of experience in electronic circuit design both analog and digital for medical device as well as writing embedded firmware/software for them.

  • Ability to analyze physical systems and apply engineering knowledge of Electronics design principles and functions in creating specifying product design, drawings and software/firmware codes.

  • Ability to generate clear, complete, concise design documentation including design specifications, fabrication and assembly drawings, in order that design may be correctly and accurately fabricated by vendors, received by incoming inspection, and assembled by production personnel.

  • Preferred Experience.

  • Knowledge and experience of popular Computer Aided Design Software for the electronic industry.

  • Knowledge and experience of Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for development and debugging of Microchip software/firmware.

  • Knowledge with design of medical devices using Microcontroller is a plus.

  • Knowledge with assembly or C/C++ languages programming is a plus.


Hardware Engineer

 If you are interested email your resume and a portfolio to and we'll be in touch shortly
Note: We are only looking for someone working full-time in Taichung, Taiwan.



  • Independently analyze, evaluates and applies standard embedded hardware and firmware design and development standards and practices and applies it to design and develop a medical device/product or enhance an existing one.

  • Generate complete, concise documentation in order that design may be correctly and accurately fabricated by vendors, received by incoming inspection, and  assembled by production personel.



We look for people who are great at lots of things, love big challenges and welcome big changes. We want people who can solve challenging problems, make a real impact and build something big. 


Ready to roll? Get your resume ready and apply now!

Unfortunately, tthere are currently no vancancies for the belowed positions. However, if you feel to be the better person for the job, please feel free to send us your resume!

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